December 29, 2016

The Electricity is OFF

We called the kids Christmas morning, (Christmas eve for them). On Facetime we could see they were all bundled up, winter jackets, hats and gloves-all while sitting on the couch in Ben and Brooke’s house. I said, “You guys look cold!” They were. They had no electricity. No electricity=no heat. A tree had fallen in the back yard, pulling down the power lines to the house, causing lots of surges, electrical spikes and some fear until things could be appropriately turned off. All were safe and sufficiently warm due to good bundling. They had a camping lantern for light and a small generator running the refrigerator, thanks to a friend of Jennifer’s who must be a serious camping enthusiast. All were calm, trying to finishing watching a movie now being shown on Ben’s cell phone since there was no working TV and no internet in the house.

We each recounted stories of our longest time without electricity and the family member who won was Jennifer. Her time in New York city after the hurricane was about 3 weeks, and in winter, too. Good reminder that the lights go out in places besides Kenya.

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