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We are interested in seeing the people of sub-Saharan Africa develop their potential as they influence villages, cities and countries to thrive in health, economic development and human rights. Although western influences can be valuable, they can also be destructive if they replace innovation originating within Africa. Therefore, we would like to facilitate partnerships between Africa and the West in which westerners can contribute to sustainable change. Projects are chosen on the basis of observed needs in Africa as well as a local interest and ability in seeing that project thrive. The ideal project should have the following characteristics:

1. There is a perceived need locally that will allow the project to succeed and for the benefits to be sustained over time.

2. Partnerships should be developed that will build sustainable capacity within Africa.

3. These projects should result in a demonstrable health or economic benefit to the people.

The initial focus is in Nairobi Kenya, both because of current relationships there and because of the strategic position of Nairobi that gives it the potential of contributing to the success of other countries of sub-Saharan Africa. The major current efforts focus on medical teaching within Kenya, because of our own expertise, but these efforts will extend to other types of capacity development when those opportunities arise.

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Our Current Projects

Newborn Community Health Project, Kijabe Hospital

In Kenya, 12 out of every 100 children dies before celebrating his or her fifth birthday, and in the rural areas without access to medical care, the mortality is much higher than that.

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Infections Disease Teaching

Many lives are lost in the West from infections, and in Africa, the problem dwarfs what is seen in the US.

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Our projects bring more than development

We inspire hope in African communities through the relationships and partnerships that we build.