February 14, 2017

Making Room

The fairy tale trip to Germany is over. I am back at Kijabe and that means STRIKE DUTY.

Strike Duty at Kijabe calls for innovation. Our overcrowded nursery with more than 35 babies in a unit made for 16, requires a creative view on what constitutes a bed. I have always said that newborns can fit comfortably in a box. I have never put a newborn in a box. I never needed to.

Here is Gladys and I making a “box” into a bed for newborn. The baby came because she had a level of neonatal jaundice that could cause severe brain damage. Turning that lumpy padding into a mattress, putting a baby under phototherapy….. at least it made me laugh instead of cry. The baby, thanks to the innovation in bed space and a creative nursing team is doing better this morning.

One Comment on “Making Room

June 17, 2017 at 2:19 pm

I love that you are doing what’s necessary to save lives – especially tiny ones! Once we put Elisa in a dresser drawer as a newborn when we were traveling. It really was a perfect fit… I only worried someone would close the drawer! :). I think of you and pray for you often. You are near our hearts though you are far from Alaska where we are now.

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