November 2, 2016

How I KNOW I have become a Kenyan Driver

I have been on US soil for 8.5 days, the last 3 of which I have been in Phoenix. I am in Phoenix visiting my father, who has recently moved into a nursing care facility, his wonderful wife Tootsie, and of course Ben and his wife Brooke.

So how can I tell I have become a true Kenyan driver? Every trip on the freeway, at least one time per trip when I change lanes, someone gives me a loud long honk. What I now think of as a really large space, is clearly not consider appropriate for lane changing here.

At least I am driving on the proper side of the road. Little do the other drivers know how thankful they should be!!

I guess getting over jet lag is easier than changing to appropriate driving patterns. After 8.5 days I am finally in the time zone. I wonder if it takes longer than two weeks to get into the “driving zone”? Unfortunately, I will never find out. We leave after 12 days on the ground in the US. The countdown is already begun.

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