The Last Thanksgiving

This weekend we celebrated the last Thanksgiving at 3961 N Hillwood Place Tucson. It was great. We had about 22 for dinner. The Keatseangsilps’ came for like the 22nd time.  But who is counting. It just would not be Thanksgiving without them. About 10 people stayed for most of the […]

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Bumps in the Road

Bumps in the Road Kenya is known for its roads. The newspapers there comment in editorials that Kenya has the worst roads in Africa. Now, I have not been all over Africa but I have driven on Kenya’s roads and they do have some huge potholes and massive bumps. Even […]

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We are making progress. I am certain of it. But the type of progress we are making is not the kind that can be measured in distance, or time, or money. Rather, it is in the sense of letting go and pressing forward. I recently returned home after a ten-day […]

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