Voting Station in Maai Mahu

Voting station near Valley Light Orphanage in Maai MahuYes, our friend John Njoroge said the line was still long after dark. Voting was to have been completed by 5 pm, but the voting station ¬†stayed open to allow those in line to vote. Voter identification required your finger prints. Since […]

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Election in Kenya

Counting votesAs votes are counted the country waits to see if calm will prevail. I have been so impressed at how hard Kenyans worked to vote. One of our young doctors took the all night bus to arrive at his “home area” at 3:50 am.He got off the bus and […]

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Infectious Disease Research in East Africa

Meet 4 University of Arizona students who are doing research with Rod. Jennifer Adam, Jenna Dobrick, Audrey Nisbett, and Hussein Magale. Journey to medical records and go along with these exceptional future physicians.

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Health Care in Rural Kenya

Jennifer Adam, Equipping Africa board member, is in Kenya with 3 of her friends. All are first year students at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. They are doing research with Rod and getting exposure to global health problems from the community perspective with Mary. It is great fun […]

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