December 29, 2016

Calm Moments

I was not on the hospital schedule this last week, but scheduled for time off. Our wonderful friends the Donelson’s came for a week. Safari is a fantastic way to celebrate your wedding anniversary (23 years for Roy and Angie). It has been a joy seeing Kenya thru their eyes, as if for the first time. Their 3 boys, 13-year-old twins and their 7 year old have only added to the delightful time. I was able to mostly leave the strike far behind. Tomorrow is reentry. One day in Nairobi and then back to the hospital.  Birds will take a back seat to “who is not breathing” and I will be back on my strike induced exercise program where I run more. But for now the hippo in the Mara river is snorting and two crocodiles are sunning themselves across the bank.  A moment of peace on the African plain.


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