It all Happened in a Castle

A Castle in Germany. Wow what a setting for a week long course in Tropical Pediatrics. Rod and I were invited to speak at this course and it was a bit like living in a fairy tale. The course venue was in a Castle in Geissen, Germany that was connected […]

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Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine here in Africa used to be people like me, western trained medical doctors. The usual traditional type of medicine came from medicine men, traditional healers, traditional midwives, often in the form of sacrificed chickens, potions and powders. And since all the traditional medicine men or midwives attributed illness […]

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How I KNOW I have become a Kenyan Driver

I have been on US soil for 8.5 days, the last 3 of which I have been in Phoenix. I am in Phoenix visiting my father, who has recently moved into a nursing care facility, his wonderful wife Tootsie, and of course Ben and his wife Brooke. So how can […]

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Morning Sounds at Kijabe

I am at Kijabe this week and it is interesting the differences in the morning sounds her versus Nairobi. I am staying in an apartment complex with 6 apartments. This apartment complex is for long term staff but one apartment is vacant while a family is on home assignment so […]

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Corelle Dinnerware comes to Nakumatt

There are so new goods coming into Kenya. The retail sector in Nairobi is booming and I can get things I would never have dreamed of getting in this country without hauling them in my suitcase from the USA. Corelle has made it to the shelves of the Nakumatt (think […]

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Chardonnay (the dog not the wine)

I have been at Kijabe for an 8 day stretch covering while several docs are at the Christian Medical Dental Association meeting in Greece. That meeting is a great way to get all those continuing education hours doctors need but it stretches staffing. So, in addition to doing clinical work […]

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