December 7, 2016

Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine here in Africa used to be people like me, western trained medical doctors. The usual traditional type of medicine came from medicine men, traditional healers, traditional midwives, often in the form of sacrificed chickens, potions and powders. And since all the traditional medicine men or midwives attributed illness and disease as well as health to a spiritual realm, what you thought was the cause determined what you would do for the “cure.”. Now of course western medicine avoids the spiritual. I am blessed at Kijabe Hospital where the truth of the intersection of the spiritual and the physical is embraced, because of the incarnation.

However, here in Kenya however, people actively seek out both types of medical answers. They frequency and vibrancy of the “alternatives” is demonstrated in this advertisement that shows you many people in my wealthier neighborhood in Nairobi use “alternative medicine providers.”  However, I am not worried, as sometimes I am the alternative.


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